Project Description

Play the Game


  • Coordinate brainstorm sessions under severe time constraints
  • Creation of pipeline for asset development
  • Development of 2D graphic design pieces for game success
  • Ensuring every team member had everything they needed in hand
  • Plan, communicate and own the documentation of the project


  • Design an interactive prototype in 48h
  • Create an original narrative inspired by the Snow White story
  • Balance gameplay using user test results

Project Description

Centre of Digital Media 48-Hour Design Jam brings together students for a condensed weekend of brainstorming and game building. 

During the challenge, our team came up with the idea of an interactive story where the player builds the protagonist’s personality based on the choices they make. Snow What starts the adventure colorless, discovering a magical ring on the floor of a clumsy coffee shop. The artifact expels fumes that lead her to a strange and dark forest where she has to face a variety of hard and funny decisions. In the end, Snow What can become good, bad or boring, getting a different color for each mood.

The team used a variety of tools to reach the final concept, including Mind Maps, Storyboarding and Prototyping.