Project Description

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  • Concept ideation during brainstorm sessions
  • Deadlines and deliverables control using Agile methodology
  • Ensuring effective communication between diverse team members
  • Creation of pipeline for art assets creation and delivery
  • Brand design matching accurate visual style
  • User Experience Design, including User Flow map
  • Concept presentation and pitching


  • Create an immersive narrative inspired on a dramatic theme
  • Develop a multiplayer mobile experience through interconnected IOS devices
  • Balance gameplay and storytelling to keep a coherent story flow
  • Take graphic novel stories to the next level through digital features

Project Description

Frame of Mind is a multiplayer graphic novel with a dramatic theme. It is about how simple actions may lead to catastrophic and unpredictable consequences. The story showcases a mother’s psychological state while trying to find her lost son and the emotions that she goes through in the process.

This project was managed with the use of Agile and Waterfall methodologies. A Gantt chart was created in order to keep track of important milestones and tasks were tracked with the use of a Sprint board. The team also had a weekly scrum meeting to keep track of completed tasks and eventual dependencies.

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