Project Description


  • Art Development (2d pixel art)
  • UI Development (2d pixel art)
  • Art Pipeline Development
  • Ideation of the game concept


  • Design a game in 48h based on the theme Ritual
  • Learn how to improve the art pipeline in game development

Project Description

Larry, the Librarian Litch is a survival game produced at the 48h Global Game Jam Vancouver 2015.

Even not being a professional artist, I developed the environment and UI elements to better understand how the art pipeline works, facilitating the project development. I learned how to improve the art delivery process and how to better prioritize  the features while working alongside with 4 other developers.

The game is centered around Larry, who was once a lively Librarian but now faces a curse which transformed him into a litch. In order to stay “alive”, he needs to complete his ritual each night by using ingredients collected from different parts of the world. Throughout the day, he is tasked to collect as many resources as possible. The game repeats this day/night cycle and ends when Larry has either no more resources for the ritual or no more energy to move.