Project Description


  • Concept ideation and evolution during various brainstorm sessions
  • Deadlines and deliverables control
  • Ensuring effective communication between diverse team members
  • Creation of pipeline for asset development
  • Javascript programming for prototype creation
  • Pitch presentation of the idea


  • Create a proof of concept of an interactive application focused on digital tourism
  • Develop a business model document according to the value proposition of the proposed solution
  • Enhance product features based on user test’s results
  • Prepare a comprehensive document appropriate for real-world use

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Orizen Documentation

Project Description

Orizen is a proof of concept of an interactive 360 platform which centralizes various web resources into one tool, which explorers can use to experience new locations without travelling. The prototype is built using HTML/javascript technology and 360 panorama pictures. It offers the visualization of two points of interest inside Granville Market (Vancouver), illustrating useful information about food options within these locations.

Orizen was built with the use of the Agile methodology, with weekly sprints and a set of iterations. All the team decisions were registered into a physical sprint board and updated in the web tool Asana. During the 3 months of  development, the team worked in a “startup” model, developing the Agile Statement, Business Model Canvas, and User Tests to improve user experience.