Project Description


  • Analysis of customer preferences for concept development
  • Concept brief and approval with advertising agencies
  • Budget planning and control, overseeing resourcing needs
  • Develop, communicate, and own the documentation of the project


  • Promote subscription sales using the regional championship theme
  • Inform the vast news sports coverage offered by the product
  • Communicate to a wide range of prospects (more than 4 million people)

Project Description

With the goal of celebrating Brazil’s regional championship Campeonato Paranaense, the promotional campaign Passion for Soccer was published in several mediums, including TV, Radio and Newspaper. During the time of the offer, new subscribers of the newspaper Gazeta do Povo got a free barbecue kit as a gift.

The initiative was the result of an intense customer data research which identified the preferences and habits of sports readers finding that many Brazilians watch soccer games while cooking barbecue.