Project Description

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System Requirements

Mozilla Firefox 40+ / Google Chrome 46+ / Apple Safari 9.0+ (Safari 8 and higher) / MS Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11 and higher) / MS Edge 13+


  • Project scope management, setting milestones and promoting daily stand up meetings
  • Concept ideation, using market research and User Experience concepts
  • Product Backlog management, elaborating burndown charts for each milestone
  • Developing, owning and communicating project design documentation between stakeholders
  • Implementing user tests to gather feedback for features improvement
  • Client relations, including pitching and negotiation


  • Showcase PCI future developments through a vibrant, creative and contemporary digital product
  • Create a story-driven and virtually immersive experience
  • Deliver a platform that can be used for general marketing and reach a wide range of audiences
  • Design an effective user experience
  • Provide concrete, usable deliverables

Project Description

This project consists of an immersive digital product which showcases PCI Developments’ future plans at Great Northern Way campus. The solution is a story-driven experience that works for multiple target audiences: potential retail and office tenants, community members and organizations, students, and the City of Vancouver council & Mayor.

The application was built using WebGL technology in Unity, rendering optimized 3D models in web browsers. The team was able to accomplish the project goals through intense research, rapid prototyping and User Testing. The 12 -week project was managed with the use of Agile Methodology and had 4 major phases: exploration, ideation, production and polish.

Project Management Methodology

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