Project Description


  • Project management of each campaign phase, including update of the project logo
  • Research and data analysis, establishing contact with teachers and students involved in the program
  • Concept brief and approval with advertising agency of all the campaign materials
  • Budget planning and control, overseeing resourcing needs
  • Develop, communicate, and own the documentation and design of the project


  • Celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Read and Think project
  • Acknowledge impactful initiatives based on the project
  • Update the visual identity and communication materials
  • Bring awareness about the benefits of being a financing partner

Project Description

The Read and Think project was created in 1999 by Gazeta do Povo and its main goal is the training of young readers, building their critical skills and engaging them with the printed newspaper.

In 2014, the project celebrated its 15th anniversary, a milestone that is associated with major changes in the Brazilian culture. Like young girls have a great party for their 15th birthday to celebrate their transition from childhood into adulthood, and since the project has won great popularity, we decided to honor it accordingly, celebrating its maturity with initiatives that mark the brand changes and the transforming outcomes resulting from the performance of its protagonists. The visual identity of the project was updated, including new typology and modern elements. A new version of the brand was developed with a 15 years commemorative seal for 2014.

The campaign was promoted on the internet, TV, printed newspaper, social media, and others channels. It was awarded 2nd place as the World’s Best Public Relations or Community Service Campaign of 2014 from INMA (International News Media Association). INMA is the world’s top award for news media sales and marketing initiatives. In 2015, this competition generated 578 entries from 190 market-leading companies in 38 countries.

of the teachers said that the project is relevant in their communities.
increase in number of supporters compared to 2011.
of the teachers believe that Gazeta do Povo is a company committed to quality education and human development.
Read and Think


The visual identity of the project was updated, including new typology and modern elements. A new version of the brand was developed, with a 15 years commemorative seal for 2014.


This stage began in March, when the project celebrated its 15th anniversary. The materials highlight the evolution of the project and its importance for the community.


During this stage, transformation initiatives that deeply touched the lives of the people involved and their communities were emphasized. One of the highlights of communication was the support of partners, featuring real testimonials.