Project Description


  • Game Producer and Designer, responsible for task management and documentation
  • Planned and executed user tests to enhance gameplay
  • UX Flow development, guiding designers and developers during game creation
  • Character and Environment design enhancement, adding color, shadow, and effects
  • Designed sound assets for a coherent and entertaining game experience


  • Create game design elements such as mechanics, dynamics, and core pillars
  • Produce and playtest prototypes to test game assumptions
  • Balance game currency and replay value
  • Prepare a comprehensive design document appropriate for real-world use

Project Description

Roshambo Rage is a 2D PC game which adds upgraded versions of rock, paper and scissors to the player’s arsenal. The application was inspired by the ancient battles of China, with a matching art style and music.

This project was created in 10 weeks in Unity using the Agile methodology. During the production phase, the team designed several prototypes to balance and test gameplay. The project allowed me to learn how to improve team’s daily scrums and how to effectively write a game design document.

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Roshambo Rage Documentation