Project Description


  • Project management of each of the campaign phases
  • Concept brief and approval with advertising agency
  • Data analysis of sales and campaign results
  • Budget planning, negotiation and control
  • Interface with subscription and legal team during the whole development process
  • Plan, communicate and own the documentation of the project


  • Promote sales during a period marked by low subscription ratings (Summer)
  • Reach younger audiences though informal and easy communication
  • Emphasize the possibility of reading in different platforms (online and offline)

For summer, Gazeta do Povo newspaper launched a special promotion for new subscribers, giving a free portable mini fridge as a gift. The advertising campaign used vibrant colours and fun communication, having penguins as main protagonists. In Brazil, it is a habit to have penguins ornaments on top of the fridge and the campaign used this cultural element to promote the seasonal offer.

Promoted between 12/12/2014 and 02/06/2015 (56 days) in various media channels (TV, radio, print newspaper, the internet), the campaign had more than 22 materials between graphic and electronic pieces.

Increase in sales.