PCI Developments Immersive Showcase


Run Application System Requirements Mozilla Firefox 40+ / Google Chrome 46+ / Apple Safari 9.0+ (Safari 8 and higher) / MS Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11 and higher) / MS Edge 13+ Responsibilities Project scope management, setting milestones and promoting daily stand up meetings Concept ideation, using market research and User Experience concepts [...]

Read and Think 2014


Responsibilities Project management of each campaign phase, including update of the project logo Research and data analysis, establishing contact with teachers and students involved in the program Concept brief and approval with advertising agency of all the campaign materials Budget planning and control, overseeing resourcing needs Develop, communicate, and own the documentation and design [...]

Forgotten Highway (Next Level Games)

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Responsibilities Game Producer and Designer, responsible for task management and documentation Level Design of an innovative survival video game Client relationship management Planning and executing user tests to enhance gameplay UX Flow development, guiding designers and developers during game creation Objectives Create game design elements such as level, mechanics, dynamics, and core pillars Produce [...]